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Jiangxi MAHATMA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Mahatma is a well-known high-tech enterprise of high-precision leveling equipment and supporting peripheral equipment in China. Main research and development and production: CNC leveling machine, hydraulic leveling machine, quadruple leveling machine and supporting loading and unloading manipulators, robots, high-precision uncoiling, leveling, punching and shearing lines and supporting coil opening and leveling in the laser industry Automatic feeding line. Founded in 2002, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, to eliminate internal stress of materials, restore and improve the flatness of parts for customers. Provide solutions for well-known enterprises in major industries such as cabin cabinets, auto and motorcycle accessories, transportation, aerospace, sheet metal processing, electric power, building materials, ceiling curtain walls, and 5G communications.

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