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MHT high precision 1300 wide steel plate leveling machine (0.05-6.0mm)

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Product introduction

The metal sheet is leveled by multiple groups of rollers in the leveling machine, so as to achieve the leveling effect. The quadruple high-precision leveling machine adopts support rollers installed between the upper and lower rows of leveling work rolls and the support bearings (wheels) to form a double roll structure of the upper and lower rows in total; the force distribution of the leveling rolls is uniform. , Good structural rigidity, small deflection and deformation of the work roll, high leveling accuracy, straightening with stroke harmonic attenuation, and fundamentally solve the common leveling unevenness, easy to produce roll indentation, workpiece slump, camber bending and other problems, improve the correction accuracy of the plate, a wide range of applications, no rolling marks on the surface of the material, and high correction accuracy.

Mechanism composition of precision sheet leveling machine:

Frame, leveler wall panel, leveling drum, support roller, synchronous gear box, universal joint, motor reducer, adjusting lifter, control system, feeding and discharging auxiliary roller, etc.

Product Features:

1. The 1300 wide steel plate leveling machine is a quadruple high-precision sheet material precision leveling machine, suitable for high-precision drum leveling of metal circles, sheets and strips with a thickness of 0.05-6.0mm;

2. This series of leveling machine is a multi-roller precision leveling machine, ¢50mm * 13 pieces, leveling roller arrangement: upper 6 (movable) and lower 7 (movable);

3. The upper and lower rollers each have a group evenly distributed in the middle, and the gaps are adjusted before leaving the factory, and the customer does not need to adjust. The support roller is composed of multiple roller bearings in parallel, with high precision and high strength.

4. Synchronous gearbox: The wall panel of the synchronous gearbox is processed by CNC computer gong after quenching and tempering of 45# steel, the gears are processed by quenching and tempering of high-quality alloy steel 40Crmo, the surface hardness is above 55º after high-frequency treatment, and the surface is blackened after grinding. There are multiple gear synchronous transmissions, and 13 power connectors are extended.

5. Universal joint: used for universal transmission, connected between the gear box and the drum to realize power transmission, so that the 13 drums are all power rollers to achieve synchronous rotation.

6. Motor reducer: The leveling motor is matched with a 7.5KW motor with a 1:59 cycloidal pinwheel reducer to directly drive the synchronous gearbox. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer has high efficiency and stability, with surface output, backlash and small backlash.

7. Adjust the lifter: The adjustment lifter mainly controls the lifting of the upper drum, and adjusts the leveling gap to control the leveling effect. It is composed of 4 2.5T worm gear lifters, and the handwheel is forward and reversed to control the lifter to adjust the leveling effect. There are 4 compression springs installed on the top to eliminate the worm gear gap and achieve precise adjustment.

8. Transmission mode: This model adopts imported Japanese sealed bearings for rotation, and the bearings are equipped with dust cover and sealing ring.

9. Control system: The machine adopts Delta frequency converter to control the running speed, which can be adjusted freely by manual knob. The main control system is concentrated in an electric control box, which is hung on the side of the machine to facilitate the operation. The operation panel is simple and easy to understand and easy to operate. Install emergency stop switches in conspicuous positions at the four corners of the machine to ensure safe operation!

10. Auxiliary pallets for feeding and discharging: the rollers are made of thick-walled stainless steel, and auxiliary stainless steel pallets are installed at the outlet to facilitate the handling of sheet products in and out;

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Product parameters

1, material width50-1300mm
2, material thickness0.05-6.0mm
3, leveling motor7.5 KW
4, reducer1:59
5, leveling rollers¢50mm *13pcs
6, roller arrangementLeveling roller up 6 (movable) lower 7 (movable)
7, upper roller down4 handwheels control 4 2.5T worm gear lifters to press down and rise
8, roller down stroke0-50mm
9, leveling adjustment4 handwheels control the upper roller to adjust the leveling effect
10, adjustment reference4 precision digital dial indicators for reference
11, leveling speed0-12m/min
12, speed adjustmentFrequency frequency regulation to manually control the running speed
13, inverter power7.5 KW
14, machine colorBody white + red body paint
15, working voltageAC three-phase 380V

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