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Sheet M series

Robot automatic feeding Thick plate precision cutting and leveling Leveling accuracy up to 0.5mm/m² Automatic assembly line feeding

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Product introduction

Automatic loading of robots 

Precision cutting and leveling of thick plates 

Leveling accuracy up to 0.5mm/m² 

Automatic assembly line feeding



Product parameters

Sheet Shear Line Technical features
Maximum Length(mm)110110110
Maximum Width(mm)130015002000
Maximum Thickness(mm)3/6/10/15/203/6/10/15/203/6/10/15/20
Roller Diameter(mm)60/80/120/150/20060/80/120/150/20060/80/120/150/200
Leveling Accuracy(mm/m2)
Numbers of Roller191919
Feeding Accuracy(mm)±0.2±0.2±0.2
Servo MotorServo + ReducerServo + ReducerServo + Reducer
Rack motor(kw)555
Feeding directionleft→rightleft→rightleft→right
Feed line height(mm)850±50850±50850±50
Optional1. Blanking manipulator 2. Joint robot 3. Laminating machine 4. Stacking lifting table 5. Blanking platform

Product video

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