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Design skills of sheet metal shell

Publication time:2022/03/28 08:51:11 Reading volume:270 Source: Jiangxi MAHATMA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Only by understanding the skills in metal sheet metal processing can we produce goods whose function and appearance can meet the requirements. After mastering the skills, the cost becomes lower. So what are the design skills of sheet metal shell?

main figure 3.png

1. We should pay attention to designing the part drawing of sheet metal parts, construct the structure of sheet metal parts in detail, and draw the unfolded drawing, that is, the unfolded drawing of parts with complex structure; After that, pay attention to blanking. There are many blanking methods, which are usually used in combination.

2. Press riveting processing is completed by punch or press riveting machine, such as press riveting stud, press riveting nut and press riveting screw; After that, we should pay attention to the bending processing. Generally speaking, it will be coordinated by the processing folding machine and bending die. In this way, the plane materials can be made into three-dimensional shapes.

3. Flanging tapping, the sheet metal processing manufacturer told you that this flanging refers to drawing holes, that is, machining smaller base holes into slightly larger holes to increase strength and prevent tooth slippage. It is usually used for thin sheet metal processing. The next step of sheet metal processing is punch processing. This processing is completed by the corresponding die. Common processing methods include punching corner cutting, punching blanking, punching convex hull and so on.

4. Argon arc welding and carbon dioxide arc welding are usually combined to process sheet metal parts. Sheet metal processing manufacturers will choose according to the actual needs; The surface treatment and assembly of metal sheet metal parts must be done well. At the same time, the materials should be protected to prevent oxidation. After that, multiple parts can be combined in a certain way to make a finished product.


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