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How to optimize the handling and storage of sheet metal in the sheet metal production line?

Publication time:2022/03/29 09:12:35 Reading volume:276 Source: Jiangxi MAHATMA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Now more and more sheet metal companies recognize the benefits of sheet metal automation in the process of improving the efficiency of production line. Therefore, many factories are preparing to reorganize their internal production processes. However, it is worth noting that they usually only consider each work unit, thus ignoring the whole process from raw material delivery to finished product shipment. Therefore, how to optimize the handling and storage of sheet metal in the sheet metal production line is particularly important.


Most enterprises can optimize the handling and storage of plates through the following three steps.

1、 Detect the optimization potential of sheet metal flow

To effectively integrate automation into the operation process, we should carefully examine the whole process from obtaining raw materials.

1. Optimized demand: usually, we find that the processed raw materials will be randomly placed in a certain place and placed in a warehouse with just enough space. However, this flat storage method is not the most appropriate way to ensure the effective flow of materials. It is best to establish an intelligent material warehouse storage system and determine which storage warehouse matches the raw materials and subsequent steps of processing.

2. Use of available space: this has optimization potential in many places. When planning automation solutions, it is very useful to adjust to local conditions.

3. Optimization of mechanical equipment connection: in many cases, the installation of existing CNC machine tools is not integrated into the whole production process line in some way, which makes them unable to obtain the best results in interaction. Especially in this case, deep-rooted habits and traditional ideas related to the flow of materials always exist. Therefore, enterprises must learn a new concept of sheet metal flow.

4. Independent integration of manufacturers: it can be carried out in the planning stage. In this case, focus on the specific requirements of the company and production. Customers choose machines that meet their needs, and we provide smooth connection. Another advantage of independent integration of manufacturers: absolute long-term sustainability. Mechanical replacement and device expansion can be realized in a modular way. This ensures that the installation can adapt to the current production requirements at any time.

2、 Select appropriate automation evaluation scheme

Whether it is a shearing machine or a laser cutting system, the material must be taken out of the warehouse and transported for further processing quickly and effectively. In this process, the machine must be used as quickly as possible, so as to save unnecessary downtime.

A separate assessment can determine the degree of automation: full or semi-automatic. And integrate appropriate solutions into existing production in a useful way. The automation unit can be flexibly connected and integrated independently of the manufacturer, and also provides the possibility to adapt the system to the current conditions and expand accordingly in the future. Here, give priority to the specific requirements and objectives of customers and select appropriate solutions. It can operate completely in full-automatic mode or even flexibly in semi-automatic mode. By using modular components, the system can be flexibly expanded. Therefore, sheet flow solutions can grow with the automation and degree of production capacity.

3、 Choose the best storage type for materials and production

In the first planning meeting and customer objectives, it is often determined which type of storage is best suited for precise location conditions. The quantity of sheet metal stored, the existing storage space and the materials required for production are the decisive target variables. These factors determine the size of the magazine and the speed required for automation solutions. In addition, the subsequent processing of materials must be considered. For example, if a machine is connected for production purposes, the warehouse should be able to use semi-automatic or fully automatic automation solutions.


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