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Stamping flattening machine sheet (0.1-0.6mm)

Sheet metal stamping flattening machine is suitable for precise flattening of various metal 0.1-0.6mm metal strips and sheets, mainly for aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel and other wire materials with high surface requirements, high leveling accuracy, leveling It is not easy to deform and rebound afterward;

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Product introduction

1. The flattening machine for sheet stamping parts is suitable for the precise leveling of various metal 0.1-0.6mm metal strips and sheets, mainly for aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel and other wire materials with high surface requirements, with high leveling accuracy, It is not easy to deform and rebound after leveling;

2. The flattening wheel and the back pressure wheel of the precision flattening machine are made of imported chrome steel and heat treated to HRC60. Post-grinding, then hard chrome-plating and post-grinding to ensure the uniformity of the hard chrome layer and the shape tolerance of each shaft; the surface of the drum is ground and polished to prevent the material product from being damaged by the rotation and extrusion of the drum;

3. Customers who have particularly high requirements on the surface can use the upper and lower rollers to be covered with rubber. The material is resistant to acid and alkali, wear and compression, and will not have any scratches

4. The machine is operated by purchasing frequency conversion speed regulation, which can freely control the running speed, with buffers for start and stop, the material is not easy to shake and deform, and the surface is not easy to damage;

5. The adjustment method of the flattener adopts four-point independent fine-tooth screw adjustment, controlled by four precision dial indicators, and the operation is simple and convenient;

6. Optional front and rear belt input and output assembly line or roller automatic conveyor line;

7. The leveling accuracy of the stamping flattening machine can be up to plus or minus 0.05mm, and the accuracy is different according to different products; the precision dial indicator control (can be accurate to the drop point of 0.01mm), and the whole surface is leveled in the form of descending, It makes the leveling precision high and the speed adjustment more convenient and simple. The leveling method is to achieve high-precision leveling effect by the internal stress of the material after the product is pressed by multiple rollers.

8. It can cooperate with punching machine and shearing machine to realize automatic continuous production, save human resources, reduce production cost and improve work efficiency;

Product parameters

1. Flattening material width: 0-400mm (can be customized according to customer requirements);
2. Flattening thickness: 0.1-0.6mm;
3. Adopt universal joint transmission, full gear transmission;
4. Including variable frequency speed regulation (Delta inverter);
6. Number of scroll wheel axes: 19 axes (upper 9 down 10)/(according to customer product requirements);

DSNLStamping FlattenerTechnical parameter table (larger models can be customized)
Type  NumberDSNL-150< /span>DSNL-200< /span>DSNL-300DSNL-400< /span>
Material Thickness0.1-0.6mm
Material width span>0-150mm< /span>0-200mm0-300mm0-400mm
Roller DiameterΦ20
Number of wheelsUp 9 Down 10
leveling adjustment< /span>Manual adjustment screw< /span>
Leveling Dynamics0.75kw0.75kw1.5kw1.5kw
Discharge speed< /span>15m/min
Speed ControlFrequency debugging
Operating VoltageThree-phase 338V/ 220V
Sensing ModePhotoelectric Sensor/Electronic Sensor
Dimensions span>0.85*0.8* 1.30.85*0.9* 1.30.85*1.0*1.30.85*1.1*1.3
Equipment Weight250kg300kg350kg400kg

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