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SHS series leveling machine (coated roller) (2.0-6.0mm)

Thick plate high-precision leveling machine is a high-precision sheet precision leveling machine, suitable for precision roller leveling of metal circles, sheets and strips with a thickness of 2.0-6.0mm;

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Product introduction

1. Thick plate high-precision leveling machine is a high-precision sheet material precision leveling machine, which is suitable for precision roller leveling of metal circles, sheets and strips with a thickness of 2.0-6.0mm;

2. This series of leveling machine is a multi-roller precision thick plate leveling machine. The leveling rollers are 6 on the top and 7 on the bottom. Two auxiliary support rollers are installed on the upper and lower rollers to ensure that the leveling rollers are not deformed during the work force.

3. The leveling wheel and back pressure wheel of the SHS parts leveling machine produced by our company are all made of imported chrome steel. They are ground after heat treatment at HRC 60 degrees, and then plated with hard chrome and then finely ground to ensure uniform hard chrome layer and smoothness of each shaft. Shape tolerance; grinding and polishing the surface of the drum to prevent the material product from being damaged by the rotation and extrusion of the drum;

4. There are two adjustable springs on the feeding upper drum of the leveling machine to adjust the feeding pressure, and manually adjust the feeding gap to make feeding smoother;

5. The leveling adjustment is adjusted by the turbine elevator, which mainly controls the lifting and lowering of the upper drum, and adjusts the leveling gap to control the leveling effect. It is composed of 4 2.5T worm gear lifters, and the handwheel is forward and reversed to control the lifter to adjust the leveling effect. There are 4 compression springs installed on the top to eliminate the worm gear gap and achieve precise adjustment.

6. The descending point of the leveler is controlled by four precise digital display indicators (accurate to the descending point of 0.01mm), and it is leveled in the form of the whole surface descending, which makes the leveling precision high, the speed adjustment more convenient and simple, and the leveling The flat method is to achieve high-precision flattening effect by the internal stress of the material after multi-rolling. The highest flattening accuracy can reach 0.1mm/(diagonal 100*100mm), and it can also be fine-tuned to achieve better results.

6. The leveling speed of this series is 0-15m/min. It adopts Delta frequency converter to adjust the speed by frequency conversion. It can also be adjusted freely by manual knob according to needs. The main control system is concentrated in an electric control box, which is convenient to hang on the side of the machine. The location of the operation, the operation panel is easy to understand and easy to operate. Install emergency stop switches in conspicuous positions at the four corners of the machine to ensure safe operation!

7. It is suitable for high-precision leveling of metal sheets. Auxiliary stainless steel pallets are installed at the inlet and outlet of the machine to facilitate the handling of sheet products in and out;

Product parameters

SHSTechnical parameter table of precision leveling machine (larger models can be customized by calling)

type  number







Material Thickness


material width







wheel diameter


Number of scroll wheels

Up 6 Down 7 (rubber wheel)

Flat Adjustment

Manual Rotary Turbine Worm Lifter Adjustment

Leveling Dynamics


Discharge speed


speed control

Frequency debugging

Operating Voltage

Three-phase 338V/220V

Sensing method

Photo/electronic sensor








device weight







Product video

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