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STS70 series for thickness 0.8-6mm leveling machine

The leveling drum of ordinary precision leveling machine is made of high-quality bearing steel, with high surface finish and good wear resistance! It is suitable for the leveling of some metal strips or sheet products with low leveling accuracy requirements.

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Product introduction

The precision leveling machine is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation, which can freely adjust the working speed, buffer start and stop, and the material is not easy to shake and deform, and the surface is not easy to damage. The precision leveling adjustment method is the manual adjustment of the four-point fine-tooth screw and the adjustment of the upper and lower rollers of the worm gear and worm. Stainless steel auxiliary pallets are installed at both ends of the leveling machine, which is convenient for manual production. Compared with manual beating or other methods, the precision leveler greatly saves human resources and improves production efficiency and product quality! It can cooperate with punch, hydraulic press, shearing machine, loading and unloading manipulator, automatic loading and unloading platform and other equipment to automatically level the sheet or roll to realize automatic continuous production. It is suitable for all kinds of metal materials such as aluminum plate, stainless plate, copper plate, iron plate, circuit board, aluminum substrate and so on.

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