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STS90 Series For Thicknesee 3-8 Leveling machine

The leveling drum of ordinary precision leveling machine is made of high-quality bearing steel, with high surface finish and good wear resistance! It is suitable for the leveling of some metal strips or sheet products with low leveling accuracy requirements.

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Product introduction

The quadruple precision leveling machine achieves the leveling effect by rolling the leveling machine with multiple groups of rollers. The quadruple-type high-precision leveling machine adopts support rollers between the upper and lower rows of leveling work rolls and the support bearings (wheels) to form a double-layered upper and lower, a total of four-fold roller structure; the force distribution of the leveling rollers Uniformity, good structural rigidity, small deflection and deformation of the work roll, high leveling accuracy, straightening with stroke harmonic attenuation, fundamentally solve the common leveling unevenness, easy to produce roll indentation, workpiece slump, sickle Bending and other problems, improve the correction accuracy of the sheet, a wide range of applications, no rolling marks on the surface of the material, and high correction accuracy.

The quadruple precision sheet leveling machine is a leveling roller with a quadruple structure with a large number of support rollers, which is repeatedly twisted for many times, so that the length of the metal fibers gradually tends to be consistent, the internal stress is eliminated, and the flatness of the parts is restored and improved. Prepare for subsequent bending/welding and other processing steps! This series of leveling machine has higher precision and better effect than ordinary leveling machine, which can ensure stable and excellent leveling effect. Great value-added, saving man-hours, raw materials and labor costs, so that the scrap rate and rework rate are reduced to a very low level. It is suitable for metal products such as circular saw blades, clutches, lock panels, knives, automobile and motorcycle accessories, fine blanking, and electrical manufacturing.

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