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Coil M series

The support rod is installed, the leveling force is evenly distributed, and the structural rigidity is good High leveling accuracy, wide application range, no indentation on the surface of the material Equipped with trolley feeding, saving time and effort

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Product introduction

Add a support rod, the leveling force is evenly distributed, and the structure is rigid  

High leveling accuracy, wide application range, no residue on the material surface Indentation

With trolley loading, saving time and effort


Product parameters

Shear Line Technical features
Maximum Width(mm)1300150020002500
Maximum Thickness(mm)3/6/103/6/103/6/103/6/10
Roller Diameter(mm)60/80/12060/80/12060/80/12060/80/120
Leveling Accuracy(mm/m2)
Maximum Weight(t)5/10/15/205/10/15/205/10/15/205/10/15/20
Automatic Hydraulic Feeding TrolleyYesYesYesYes
Inner Diameter(mm)508- 610508- 610508- 610508- 610
Maximum Outer Diameter(mm)Φ1500Φ1500Φ1500Φ1500
Numbers of Roller15151515
Feeding Accuracy(mm)±0.2±0.2±0.2±0.2
Air Pressure(kg/cm²)5555
Rack expansion modeHydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic 
Servo MotorServo + ReducerServo + ReducerServo + ReducerServo + Reducer
Rack motor(kw)5555
Feeding directionleft→rightleft→rightleft→rightleft→right
Feed line height(mm)850±50850±50850±50850±50
Optional1. Blanking manipulator 2. Blanking joint robot 3. Automatic film laminating machine 4. Automatic stacking lifting table 5. Blanking platform

Product video

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